• How many people out there think that rep matter to you or what it dose the questions I'm asking you is dose reputation matter to any of us ??

  • @goodgirll well..I heard you need at least 1000 rep to be able to become a mod(correct me if I’m wrong) but other than that rep doesn’t really matter you can only gain it by posts so if you aren’t one to post much it kinda blocks off reputation, not that it really matters in the first place as it doesn’t define who you are it’s how you interact with people I normally only reserve upvoting people who have made a point or provided a good argument as a way of showing a small support for them in their ideas but you don’t need rep to be a good person

  • Rabbit ya but some people think rep rlly matter and we won't hear the end of it

  • It used to not matter since there were some users who became mod that did not even have 1000 reputation. Now that is starting to change since the admin is asking users for their reputation when the user asked for mod, so reputation does matter now. Unless you pay attention to it.

  • u got a point there and admin is stupid to make ppl mods it's easy just for admin just to stay unless admin has some "important" thing to take care of

  • Honestly it really doesn't, but I think we as humans may naturally feel good when we see big numbers...?

    So Ig reputation (on here) really only acts as a way to show how much/how good a user's posts are. However, that itself may not even be accurate: I'm certain there are some people who will give certain people upvotes purely out of bias.

  • Maybe who know ppl out there in the chat site should rlly know THT rep shouldn't matter at all