• im from cali but i lived there for like 5 years i lived most of my life in SC&GA but i move again for school where you from

    WHOLE LOTTA GANG SHIT:backhand_index_pointing_down_dark_skin_tone: :index_pointing_up_dark_skin_tone: :call_me_hand_dark_skin_tone: :vulcan_salute_dark_skin_tone: :sign_of_the_horns_dark_skin_tone: :ok_hand_dark_skin_tone: :backhand_index_pointing_left_dark_skin_tone: :backhand_index_pointing_right_dark_skin_tone: :backhand_index_pointing_right_dark_skin_tone: :backhand_index_pointing_left_dark_skin_tone:

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    I'm from Australia and I lived there for most my life then I moved to New York for college 😆

  • @murdagang-shit Well I was born in Virginia, moved to NC, and now I’m in Cali