Numbering a "Cross"

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    A ton of Divine Knowledge is hidden within "The Cross" ...the symbol for Christ. If people would understand that "Math" is a universal language that is the same everywhere in the universe, and because of this GOD uses it throughout the Scriptures to convey Divine Knowledge to mankind. The Bible itself has a Book in it called "NUMBERS" which should alert people to the Divine importance of Math. Now draw a simple "Cross" just two lines, one vertical, and one horizontal. What you do next is to number the "points" a Cross has 5 points, top, middle, bottom, left, middle, right. Number the points 1,2,3 on the vertical. Do the same for the horizontal 1,2,3. ( The 2 is the middle, so it is shared, only write it once ). Now take a good look at the Cross now, what do you notice???? Let me guide you, the 1,1 circle them....JESUS CHRIST has 11 letters. 1,2 circle them...Jesus had 12 disciples, and He came to the 12 Tribes of Israel. The 2 is used twice and the Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters in it, also when you "mirror" a 2 it forms a "heart" and shows "the straight and narrow path" and is at the heart of the Cross. 3,3 circle them...Jesus was 33 years old when He gave His Life for a Ransom for our sins, and provided the path of Salvation. Now the sum of each direction is 1+2+3=6. That gives 66 the exact number of Books in the Bible! Now draw another Cross...number it the same way...1,2,3 in both directions. Circle the top 1 that represents GOD for there is only One GOD. Now in the SHAPE of a 7 circle all the remaining numbers. The numbers 1233 should be inside that 7. Why 7? Because 7 is symbolic for "perfect", and 7 is used often in the Bible. In the year 1233 A.H. ( or 1817 A.D. ) the return of Chris took place in Persia, Mirza Husayn Ali was born, that later would be Named: Baha'u'llah "The Glory of God". His Faith is called the Bahai Faith.

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