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    I made it this far
    I made it to the end of her time. Despite all odds, all statistics, I made it. I made her a beautiful life. Day in and day out never once forgetting to say “I love you”. Even if I didnt get a kiss on the cheek, an “I love you”, or a hug goodbye, I was content.
    I was content because the person I loved smiled. An addictive smile. Whether it be because she did something naughty or a promise of fun playdates, she would smile. And it was the most beautiful one the world has ever seen. Im looking for that light to my life, the gift to the world, the smile that was so addictive and so so contagious.
    I was content because she was breathing. With every life there comes a price. And that price is death. You never know what to expect or when to expect it. One minute your love is there, and the next they are becoming a distant memory.
    I was content because I did the best I could, and the little things could make her smile. Stupid sock puppets made from 97 cent socks. The barbie I bought at the dollar store. Or even her jumping from the top bunk with a tablecloth as a cape. She didnt care about what she wore or what she played with. Because she didnt need that. Her happiness didnt run on that.
    I didnt make it this far alone. I didnt have friends that helped me. I didnt have family help me. I had me. And I had her. Despite feeling so lost, so confused, I was not alone. The bundle of life and happiness was right there, and she was all I needed.
    we made it this far

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    This is what I was trying to tell you...ok I agree my language wasn't strong but this was it.

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