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    So it ocured to me the other day that we're all gonna expire, because death is apart of life. No one close to me has ever died before, but a few days ago, my friend's mum was in a car crash and she was pretty damn near close to dying. Long story short I began to think about my life and reflect on my relationships. I love and respect so many people, yet I don't show it enough. I should really do it before my time runs out.
    START READING HERE And so, my mission to you, is to let your friends and family and whoever else you care about know how much you love them before it's too late. You should tell them every day.
    Things to think about
    Byeee babes,
    -Saphy xx

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    Reptile has no friends.
    Reptile is forever alone.

    Once someone wanted to be his friend.
    Reptile bit him in the ass.
    He died.

    THE END.

  • Okay, might as well start here...

    I love you, Goddess!

    Miss me when I die.

  • @korglife17 Love ya babes. Stay young, stay golden. <3 <3