• I don’t have any problem with our cultural differences, not until she’s practicing these weird stuffs at home. My wife is a Filipina, we met in an asian date tour my brother and I attended to. Our first 6 months was normal. I go to work, she cleans the house, do household chores, takes care for me. Everything was fine, until one day I saw her doing some weird acts. While asking her about it, she told me it’s one of their superstitious beliefs. Like seriously? Does someone still observe these beliefs? It’s the 21st century dude! It’s when I learned to realize that most of her relatives are still observing those practices. Should I stop her? Given she’s in the States now.

  • I dont think so.

    These are things that she has grown up with ,seen all her family & neighbors do.
    Its not just a way of life but also a way to remember her family & past now that she's in a whole other continent.

    We all have our eccentricities ..as long as it doesnt harm others or is not too distracting.
    Whats the harm ?
    Let her be be herself.
    If its too distracting ask her to do it privately .

    Staying at home ,Cleaning the house, taking care of you
    ...all these doesn't sound like she gets to be engaged in work, keeps her from focusing on other things.
    ...So she has reverted to doing what was natural for her in her past.
    It gives her peace.Calms her mind.

    Do you go to the church or such similar things that are normal for you but not normal for Asians or other religions ? , Do you drink ? ..Its not as prevalent or accepted in someplace ...same thing.

    Would you stop just because some outsider ,even if its her husband told her to ?
    Normal for one is abnormal for others.

    You want a peaceful marriage ....you have to learn to compromise & live with each others peculiarities.

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    It's her beliefs, I don't really think you've got a right to tell her to stop 😕

  • Its what her father, grandfathers, and forefathers did. Its not just beliefs, its tradition. As long as she's not hurting anybody or causing any trouble, just go with it. Just think of it as another cute quirk.

    P.s. these superstitious beliefs are not that weird 😉

  • Gamers

    It's her beliefs, what about you??

  • I think there's no problem if she still practices those weird stuff, as long as it doesn't harm your family. Just let her do if that's what makes her happy because you can't take it from her because that's part of her culture and all of us have different culture that we grown up to.

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