• What's the biggest change that happened to you? What is/are the qualities you have now that you didn't have in the past?

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    hmmm, i used to be a very angry and stubborn kid, mostly i would make enemies and very impatient. I am pretty charming and decent these days, and i can say that i am quite mature than before 😛

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    @zazzles I used to take a lot of pressure earlier. Even smallest thing would freak me out. But I guess, Now I'm way more relaxed and calmed in my mind. Now I take every challenge casually and chill no matter what.
    And then, I was very cruel competitor earlier. I'm not saying that I am not a competitive person now. But I now take it less seriously than past. I'm in the improving phase, I guess.

  • @zazzles Honestly the biggest change in my life by far was learning to believe in myself. I never say something is impossible, if I put all of my energy towards it and do what I believe it will happen. It was a conscious effort but it took months to fully understand.

  • I was a suicidal bitch
    and I still am suicidal and more of a bitch I think

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    @zazzles losing my job in February of 2016. I thought I was going to retire there, and learned the hard way that companies have no loyalty to there employees. Some may, but never be complacent. It was the first of the shake ups in my life that's led me to the path I'm on now.

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    @evan-elderson Yea I understand that. But what I earlier did Was I'd worry more about others and then a feeling of envy would follow and then, I'd take a lot of pressure and I'd forget my ultimate motives and my motive just involved to get ahead of others. But I guess, I am above all those petty things, even though I'd still count as a very very competitive person.

  • @jynextremist said in Who you were and who you are now:

    I am pretty charming and decent these days


    Yes, I was pretty much the same too. My brother and I always butt heads. We really do a lot of stupid things as kids. And now as adults, we think back "Why did I even do that?"

  • @trose18 I hope you can go back to being a lion

  • @kimmy159 you is awesome!

  • @evan-elderson I was a very shy and quiet as a kid and teen as well. I think I still kinda am until now. I hated standing out. I grew more confident and comfortable around new people after I started working.
    Certain situations does push a person to be better. I hope I can completely come out of my shell like you did.
    Thumbs up

  • @zazzles me too ,Aries & Proud . 🤗 🤗

    My past huh ...I remember being the shyest ,quietest person anyone could ever meet.
    I would rather go hungry or thirsty rather than speaking out .

    One time ,I remember taking a cold shower at 2 A.M. at night in December & standing out in the windy balcony just so I could have a fever & get out of public speaking.

    I was the perfect obedient student ,the intelligent guy of the room ...but one who doesnt speak out.Rather prove it on paper.
    Teachers loved me,I was famous among relatives...But I was never really happy.

    I was also really serious ,so although I had real good relations with every group ..I was not really anyone's bosom friend..

    Certain things happened ,expectations got dropped ... i got into a sink or swim situation.
    It was the best & worst thing to happen to me.

    I matured & took hold of my life.
    I had no-one else looking over my life , controlling what i did ...I was free ,free to decide my own future..

    Now I'm the one people ask to talk on stage & I accept(provided I've practiced a few times ,i hate doing anything without thinking things through & without a plan).
    I'm working on my own projects, my own dreams.
    I've a few really good friends.
    I'm quite happy.

    I've quite the many plans for my future ..including being an author ,game creator ,youtube vlogger ,stock market investor ,a few business plans...

    I have so many ideas ,so why keep them in my head ? ...lets release them in the market ,get famous & get more money to further my other goals in life...

    ..a job that will instantly elevate me among "the country's most eligible bachelors" (I'm really serious ,that's what it was called ..the power ,prestige ..if you can work through it ,build connections ..you will never have any problems..Hell you can even build your own dynasty.)

    All of them have their own time ,they have to be done sequentially ..but I have the roadmap to my action plan.

    & I wont stop ,I will let nothing distract me... I will achieve my dreams.

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  • Being aware of what my strengths and weaknesses are.

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    I used to be a lion
    Now i am a cat

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  • @rendezvous yes, I know just how competitive you are lol. Being competitive is always a good thing, that means you always try to be the best. But relaxing is important too. And appreciating life and little things. Breathe.

  • @naveen067 this is the one most important thing a person have to learn in life. I'm glad you finally realized this 🤗

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