• When it comes to moments like people tripping, someone losing a game, or someone screaming and crying over a jumpscare, others think it is funny and make them feel more positive. Why is that? Tell me your opinions as to why people like to see others fail for their entertainment.

  • I don't; I want everybody to succeed. Life is not a competition.

  • @hermes Well, Tbh, I just feel it funny when the other person has been mean to me in the past or mean to others, even. But even then, Its just a momentary happiness and it goes away by time. In the end, I don't really want someone to fail at anything.

  • Gamers

    Homo homini lupus, A man is a wolf to another man...

  • That's a very interesting question and I'm not sure if I have the best answer to it, but here's what I think. People like not to suffer, so I think it is kind of comforting to see others in pain because you know it's not you and that you are safe. You basically realise that you are in a better situation than the other person.

  • all comedy is derived from fear someone people just express different fears they might have through laughter, like medicine

  • @Γαητα Our laughter at other people's failure is the force that controls the tides of the sea, and the clouds in the sky, and photosynthesis. Without it, the Earth would be barren and lifeless.

  • @Γαητα My best guess is because he/she would be struggling in their own life. Some people lash out in ways we don't understand. I can understand if it's "funny" to see someone raging at a video game, only because of how the game visuals are, or what the person says, but never the fact the person is frustrated, and if they're crying, or actually in pain, it's not funny at all. Some people have the same reason as I, and others are heartless and like to see people hurt just to make themselves feel better. The ones who have the loss are those who thrive on other's misery. They won't have many friends, and karma hits hard. I hope I answered your question.