• A small discussion about black holes.
    We all know that a black hole is a region of space with such unimaginable forces that not even photons(light) can escape the gravity of such an extreme object. We also know that stellar class black holes are made when a star much more massive than our own sun explodes in a dazzling light show called a supernova, sometimes hypernova. But my questions are as follows-
    What do you think creates super massive black holes that are at the center of most galaxies? A merging of black holes into a larger one?
    Why do most galaxies have a super massive black hole in the first place?
    Whats inside such an extreme phenomenon? A singularity? Or something weirder? Give me your thoughts, keep it civil 😊

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    Would love to discuss this, but all the sciency therms I know are in French so I can’t explain the way I’d like to 😓

  • @zeus-_ The implosion of a big star creates a rupture of atoms in a area around it where nothing resides, not even small mollecules and that how a black hole is formed
    . Due to the gravitational pull of a big star(i.e sun), that propriety is conserved and the black hole pulls everything inside with a speed of aprox 1km per hour. Every black hole has 3 layers, the outer layers with debris and star dust, the middle layer, and the inner layer where all the mass is present. Once light enters the black whole it dissapears since dark matter is the only material that can absorb 99% of the light and the rest 1% is lost in the void. If a planet enters the black whole it is ripped apart by the gravitational pull at it`s center. The dimension of a black hole can be sometimes the size of a solar system and the inner region might even be larger. Hope i helped shining some light 😃

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  • I think when a galaxy or planet gets destroyed it takes the form of a black hole

  • I'm not fond of astronomy but I can still give some info I know about this.

    What creates a super massive black hole? Well, based on what I have known, black holes get bigger everytime it swallows another celestial body. The more mass it gets the bigger it is. Collisions of two black holes is another factor. 😅😅😅🤭🤭🤭

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    @Augusta-_ according to what I have read...most super massive black holes are created when a huge star..or in other words a red super giant..collapses under its own gravity..since it has spent all its hydrogen it expands to conserve its mass..and this results in an explosion called a supernova..which results in the formation of an incelredibly dense singularity..with high emission x rays coming out at billions of degrees of temperature..resulting in a formation of a black hole

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