Need an advice about a boy

  • Hi, so I'm in 8 grade (yea I'm young) and there is this boy in 9 grade I think he's really cute
    The big deal about is that he was on my dreams few times before I saw him in person at my school
    Our classes are next to each over and I know his name
    He does pay attention to me because I saw him looking at me few times
    I feel like I like him but I don't know him and I don't want to like someone I don't know
    I also feel like I will get to know him at summer at my summer job
    But how do I get him to pay more attention to me & even get him to talk to me? I'm really shy about this and afraid of doing the first move....

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    @daniw I mean, the only way to get his attention is to make the first move. Go up to him and start a conversation, and things should escalate from there 😉

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  • It's not really that hard ...See ,the secret With Guys is you have to be direct...
    You want him ? ...he's gonna be yours !!
    You just have to take charge.

    Now I'll tell you my 3 steps of getting any guy :

    1>Grab him by the Neck.

    2>Shove your tongue down his throat.

    3>Say "Want more ? ...then be my b*tch."

    Now ,Enjoy your life with him as your love slave.

    If the slave starts rebelling ..Pee on him to show dominance.

  • @daniw hey follow me let's chat

  • I'm really horrible with advice but if you wanted to we could be friends
    I'd love to try to help you along the way 🙂
    if you'd like to, just message me 🙂
    I hope to hear from you soon but its your choice.
    I wish you luck.

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