Should drugs be legal?

  • Let's discuss the impacts of making all the drugs legally usable.....

    Put your opinion in thoughts

  • @sarah debatable on cannabis but most drugs definatly not .

  • @sarah Personally I think it would depend on how we define legally for each drug. For example, just as are injection sites for people who take for example Heroin exist, would the whole idea be legality confined to a space? Let's say you can legally take acid inside a garden center sort of setting with people to keep it clean and basic security. In that case honestly I'm not all that against it. Recreational drugs, including hallucinogenic drugs, I believe could be legal within settings designed to make them safe. Crazy stuff like Crocodil, not so much. I'd say my overall opinion would be not all drugs not all the time, but I do believe having structure in how people use certain drugs could be for the better if they choose to use them. Obviously even if legal not everybody would use those places, but having the option is better than not.

  • Freedom Writers

    @peacefulpengu I think if you want to do something, you should be allowed to do it, as long as you don't hurt anyone else, but if we can find a way to do all of these safely, then that should definitely be an option. There's definitely a lot of drugs, like cocaine, ecstasy, acid, that should be treated like weed in my opinion. Don't drive on it, but if you want to do it, all the power to you.

  • Gamers

    dear, if it's illegal, u will dead by now

  • Music Lovers

    Monetary point of view scales this as an opportunity, the money will be flowing in like river. Also may be that will help illegal production of harmful drugs that are destroying many who lack proper info.
    Making it legal sure does exposes countries to uncheck all the bans concerning drugs and this may lead to many new discoveries.
    More or less... This is a 50-50 deal... you cannot predict the true outcome of it by speculation.
    It may as well be the dawn of new era, or may be the beginning of the end of this era.

  • Eh the way i see it if you dont hurt anyone do what ever you want. Addicts wouldnt die as often if they had support and care. Gangs would crumble if the goverment took over the production/centralized the products. Set up bars for weed make a killing on snacks, areas to control tweeking would follow. huge chances for service talierd to each type of drug.

  • no honestly i feel the laws should be harsher i feel it's wrong. for doctors to perscribe the wrong drugs to patitants, i also feel like this is going to be hurtfull as people in other countries has blown drugs on people to get them high, like dragon breath, and i feel like companies shouldent have more controll over me than they already has,

    what happens if a company gives drugs instead of payment and just get slaves. it hard enough with the drugs we already have.

  • Entheogens should be legal(shrooms lsd salvia dmt mescaline etc) everything else isn't really that useful so just these should be legal

  • Soul Searchers Music Lovers

    Absolutely, look at Sweden, legalised everything, use went up sure, but bit addiction and overdoses fell dramatically, instead of being a legal issue it needs to be addressed as a health issue.

    I need to add the most destructive drug is obviously alcohol, can't do a thing to stop it but that shit destroys lives, family's etc, etc. How can I be so sure? I was an alcoholic, I can't really remember 5 yrs, shits fucked

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  • @sarah No. People are too dumb to be using them responsibly.

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