How Important Self Reflection Is...

  • Have you looked at yourself in the mirror, and found you don't like what you see? Yes? But that's your appearance you don't like, what about your inner-self? I have found over the years of being a hermit after my 3-year abusive relationship that self-reflection was the only way back to reality. I forced myself into an ice-coma, where I semi-permanently got rid of emotions. I had to protect myself and those around me, or I'd have ended up dead.
    I was juvenile to think that freezing my emotions, and forcing them deep down was a good thing. I found out the hard way it was not good, and when I thawed; it caused deep confusion inside me. My sex drive was broken to the point of asexuality, and only until last year did I feel some sort of sexual attraction for someone. I also had a hard time not being rational. Emotion is needed in a relationship and a good, healthy amount of it. Rational is needed too. You want to meet yourself in the middle, or you will find yourself in heavy turmoil.
    Self-reflection has been my go-to over the years, and even more now. It has helped me through some tough situations and I've learned quite a bit. To look into a mirror and see not only your appearance by who you really takes a lot of effort. To dig deep and be honest with yourself, you need to start from the beginning. Do you love yourself? Do you hate yourself? Do you struggle with bad traits that everyone around you brings up to you? Or do you think you're perfect? We all have bad traits, and sometimes those traits are a good learning tool...that is, as long as you use them to learn and slowly outgrow them. Yeah, I know, I'm a known asshole...douche bag...cunt...whatever you think of me, but is that really me? No. Lol. I'm a troll. I get a kick out of triggering those who are uptight. I like joking around. Can you be as honest with yourself as me? Can you call yourself names, and not get personally offended? Try it. Try to desensitize yourself. An important step to self-reflection is not getting offended by a lot, and if you get triggered about something...force yourself around that trigger. Forcing yourself to face what you hate will slowly fill the cracks, and strengthen you as a person.
    We all can improve as people, and we all should. For the people around us, for ourselves. Happiness may never be achieved, but moments of content peace can be.
    Just look in the mirror, and ask yourself...what can you change for the better? What do you think you contribute the best to society? Try it.

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