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    @layla hey baby can you help me out with something

  • Banned

    @layla follow me back let’s chat

  • @layla thankyou for being nice,my best friend start ignoring me and blocked me on social sites what to do now?

  • Should I live with my boyfriend?....

  • @layla I have a problem

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    @stranger_danger did you use tineye to track down the original image?

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    @stranger_danger "extraordinary claims require extraordinarily evidence"-Carl Sagan

    How did you come across that quote? I love Carl Sagan

  • Watch Anime Eyes

    @stranger_danger i also love this quote


    Carl Sagan is quoted as first saying that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and Christopher Hitchens as saying that what can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence(A.K.A. Hitchen's razor)

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    @michaelele Mich you okay?

  • hey so i’m a bisexual but i’m not out yet. and i’ve been talking with this guys from september to january. we stopped talking in january because we confessed to each other that we wann be together but because i wasn’t out it couldn’t happen. so after consideration i was going to come out to my family (who is 100% against homosexuality) so when o told this guy that i was gonna come out so we could be together he said “i hope your not doing it for me” but when i told him i was doing it so we could be together he said “i’m not attracted to you like that” but he explained to me a few days prior that he didn’t wanna be with anyone becaise he liked me. so he told me he didn’t wanna hurt me so we cut out talking down to the minimal and we barely said a word to each other for 2 months. then i realized i can no longer live without him and that i’m in love with him. now i’m drooling over him and he doesn’t know i still love him. we started talking again and i’m trying to avoid growing apart anymore than we already have. i don’t wanna tell him i love him becaose i wanna have him in my life. he doesn’t have to love me. i just wanna stick around and be a friend. and i eventually wanna see the guy who makes him happy. i’m happy if he’s happy but i still wanna confess my love to him but how do i do that without freaking him out?

  • @layla Hey so i’m a guy and i’m identifying as a bisexual and i’m not out yet. Recently one of my fiends and i have gotten really close and i started to have a crush on him but it’s not escalated into an obsession. what do i do?

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    @ryan78 Did you read my reply?

  • @layla
    “You got me on my knees”

  • @layla Layla where r u now?

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