• I newly got engaged and I am so excited to plan the wedding now. I haven’t known my fiance long but I know he’s the one for me. We met on a matchmaking tour held in my country last January. I was thinking somewhere tropical because of how pretty it would be to get married on a beach. Any opinion?

  • @fiance28 Anyone there can give me and idea about for my wedding plan. Is it okay that i will open this to my fiance?

  • @fiance28 Ask your fiance what type of wedding he prefers. But beach wedding is everyone's dream, I think he would love it. In which country you're from? It's better to check the gorgeous beaches near your place for you to avoid inconvenience.

  • @fiance28 in my opinion, it's better you held your wedding in the church the traditional ceremony is better, or better ask your fiance, what your fiance want on your wedding day. good luck and congrats in advance on your wedding.

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