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    To be fair

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    I don't think so*

    If that isn't what you said then it's my fault not hers but k you guys will figure this out together

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    @megatron well just to make sure people have the whole perspective

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    @megatron Ok we'll see later I'm busy right now, saying she lied is going a little far in my opinion since lying is saying something whilst knowing it not to be true and and that is a very specific thing and the number of other option is far bigger which lowers tbe chances that it's a lie as far as i know my memory could just be faulty which is consistent with past memory loss posts

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    @megatron by the way you tagged the wrong willow. The real one has 2 w. @Willoww

  • @thestrangest cool
    my favourite is a sunflower

  • @sup you can still be humble while also kicking some fuckin ass 😛

  • @ice-king what she said is not okay and is extremely fucked up. I haven't even been on much lately due to work, likewut.

  • @thestrangest You didn't have to block out my name and theres nothing wrong with any of that??

  • @thestrangest Yes, i said I was going to call her out and I did? likee... and i have more than just you messaging me about stuff she has lied about lol

  • @thestrangest what you said just backs me up more, since i said i didn't even know she had a step dad and she's saying that i said shes begging him to rape her, like..?

  • @thestrangest shit, thanks haha.
    see, i don't even know her well enough to know her username hahaha

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    @megatron everybody who knows her does that mistake including me, i realised after clicking on the username of @Willow and realising it's not @Willoww

  • bruh williow is a bitch and acts like one

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