• I'm new here, I joined a few days ago and I see some of you are pretty cool, but then there is weird horny teens and older guys on here which is kinda weird........anyways, for some of you to get to know me, I thought I'd talk about myself

    My name is Sean, I'm 16, and I like basketball and football, as I currently play basketball at the SF Position. I'm kind of a shy person and awkward at sometimes, but I'm getting better at social skills in my opinion. I also like professional wrestling, which I get a lot of people think is "weird" but I love it as I want to become a wrestler one day. I also like weird TV Shows like Big Brother, and I love slasher movies, especially when it comes to Jason Voorhees and Ghostface. I don't know if I'd be classified as "quirky", but I'd say I'm something close to that.

    I guess that's all for now, I don't really know why I posted this but I just felt like to if I was going to be posting on here for a while.

  • Welcome to TWS bro...