• Dear Self- oh hi beautiful ;)
    Dear Dad- You can be an idiot and veryyy embarrassing but i love you
    Dear Mom- You sooooo amazing love youu
    Dear School- Burn in hell :)
    Dear Siblings- You are both sooo annoying, but ya cute so i love you
    Dear Past me- You made some bad decisions
    Dear First love- I still love you
    Dear Future me- You better be some super rich coder or something
    Dear Best friends- Thankyou for being alive
    Dear Future child- Can't wait to meet ya
    Dear Person I hate- Die in a hole :)
    Dear Person I love- You cute, funny and i love you
    Dear Ex-best friend- Ew, what have you turned into, so glad im not your freind anymore
    Dear Future husband/wife- You better treat me right
    Dear Boyfriend/Girlfriend- I LOVE YOU SM

    nowwwwwwww its your turn :)

  • @emilyyyyyy Dear self-Fuck off you idiot,ain t worth for anything
    Dear Dad-you could at least try to make my life better
    Dear mom-whatever you do you still gonna be my mom and I really appreciate everything you ve done for me
    Dear first love-you are the greatest girl I ve ever met and I love you so much
    Dear sibling-you stubborn as hell dude
    Dear school-you could be better
    Dear girlfriend-i love you so much baby

  • @minm-mc-rick awhhhh also you better change that first oneeeeeeee -_- love you tooooo x

  • Dear past me-you thought you were Einstein, actually you were nothing but a dumb
    Dear future me-all I want from you is to live happy with the person I love
    Dear person I hate-don t mess with me dude or it s gonna end badddd
    Dear future child-you better listen to your dad XD
    Dear future wife- I hope you are the person I love cuz Im never gonna marry anyone except her

  • @emilyyyyyy 🙂

  • @minm-mc-rick AWHHHH YOU TOOO CUTEEE
    listen to your mum too? XD

  • @emilyyyyyy of course 😂

  • @minm-mc-rick ahhahahahah

  • @emilyyyyyy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Dear Self- heyyya gorgeous
    Dear Mom and Dad- Thank you for giving me this beautiful life. You guys are really annoying at times but i love you to moon and back.
    Dear School- Thank you for those amazing amazing memories
    Dear sibling- I cannot imagine a life with you
    Dear Past me- You made mistakes but thank you for them too..because you see this bish got stronger
    Dear first love- Thanks for leaving me. Have a great life.
    Dear Future me- I am working to make this life great. And please don't forget those lessons.
    Dear best friends- i wish our friendship stays very long. like we even have coffins next to each other lol.
    Dear future child- Mama can't wait to spend years with you.
    Dear person I hate- (well no one)
    Dear person i love- (thats me) bish you are great, amazing and a fucking warrior. be strong.
    Dear Ex-best friend- its alright. Have a great life.
    Dear Future husband- Be a balanced individual. Had a lot of crazy
    Dear ex- bf- Thank you and Have a great life.

  • @sammy aw dis one good

  • Dear god - Thank you for giving me all other "dears"cuz i love them and i love my life :)