For all the people that wanna commit suicide

  • hey sooo umm... i have tried committing suicide before so this is personal and i thank and love you from the bottom of my cold desperate heart for this. thank you...

  • @calisthenics

    I have been. I've been fighting to try and get ANY job. now they want you to be over qualified for the simplest jobs. Back when I was in school, all you needed to be a cashier at Target was a high school diploma...I've applied there many times...and nothing. I've applied to businesses that I have experience...and nothing...for almost 10 years I've been jobless, homeless, and SOL. It is hard to find money for food let alone happiness when nobody wants to help. I've gone to shelters in the past and they turned me away because people my age aren't homeless and jobless. She thought I was trying to steal from them. I want to go back to school, but I don't even have enough money for an application fee. I want to better my life, but society is making it pretty fucking hard to tread water. And once people hear I have depression and where I currently am staying, they treat me like shit. I am trying to fight the stigma of mental illness, but I am getting no help from anyone anywhere except the measly social security checks each month that don't really help.

    Fine. Keep petting our heads and saying "you'll get better soon. You'll get a job soon. It'll be better soon. Drink more water and eat healthy" if it'll make YOU feel better. But not actually helping hurts. Saying you understand someone's pain when you've never experienced it yourself hurts. Saying you'll be there no matter what and you aren't hurts. We need people to stfu and actually take the time to listen and not post all these self help crap posts online. We know what to do. We deal with it on a daily basis. Just because some famous celebrity died from suicide doesn't mean the topic is popular. IT IS ALWAYS HERE. Keep talking about it, no matter if some famous guy dies or if it was your friend. Putting it in the back of your mind 3 months after it's out of the news doesn't help. Be aware.

  • @kat_15 sometimes, it's not that everything is positive. No matter how optimistic you are, you can't change something.

  • @humanbean89

    This is what I’m trying to say. If you kill yourself, then how is that helping you in any way possible?

  • You also need to realize that sometimes people need to be left alone when they're depressed and suicidal. Some are just thinkers, not actually going to do anything. The thought does count that you offer to be there, but sometime all that head petting and shoving articles at us to read and tips that CNN or whatever says is ideal, isn't always, You never know how someone else feels until you've been in their shoes and walked down the same path. It's better to ask HOW can I help and wait and listen to what they say then presume you know what's right and annoy them by making them think you are a know it all and don't value them to listen to what they want to tell you...

  • @humanbean89 I have no idea what you are going through because i have never been in that situation. I can't give u any suggestions as i am not an expert. But just want to say hold onto the life you have got because Life is everything. Beyond life noone knows what's there. And btw f*** the society and f*** everyone who has done anything bad to you. If you take wrong step you are not the only one taking the wrong step. You are teaching other people to give up when life f**** them up. You are proving everyone who has abused that they were right Prove them wrong by being strong and don't give up so that you can help other people who have been in situations just like you. Never understimate the power of a single person. One person can change the entire world.

  • @humanbean89 Sorry if I offended you. I just wanted to change the perspective. You're right we can never know what other's are going through unless we go through that situation ourselves. If I hurt your feelings, I am sorry. Peace.

  • @calisthenics

    ...not really...kinda annoyed me a bit. that's part of the usual you'll be ok crap I usually hear. It's tiring and stressful. Like hearing I'll get a job soon. How can you be so damn sure I am. People who don't have to worry about jobs, where to sleep, finding food, can't usually understand that they're hurting you by promising you in a way that you'll get a job soon. Honestly, I know that if I came into a fortune and could stop worrying about the basics, I'd be helping my depression be cured. To me, a stable job is a holy grail of sorts. When I was working, I was positive in life. Now that no one wants me, idgaf. I have supplies that I saved money for a while to jut disappear into the woods for good. I've been waiting too damn long for my life to turn around for the good. And like I said earlier, I AM trying to help myself, but it's worse than going up the steepest, iciest, challenging wall. NO ONE IS HELPING ME. NO FAMILY. NO FRIENDS. NO ONE. I'm basically going hungry on the streets with only someone giving me a temporary roof over my head. I have to leave at the beginning of July.

  • @kat_15 Kat, i wish you dont feel depressed right now. I get the point and i understand.

  • @kat_15

    I stop the pain and pointless usage of life. the "gift" of life? I never asked for it. What store can I return it to? I'm useless to society. I've been trying to get a job for years....and nobody even says no thanks. my family doesn't talk to me, I have no friends, and I live with mentally ill people in a "psych rehab" program. Not many people leave unless they violate rules or die. A guy has been here longer than I've been alive. If I was dead, then the room I'm in could go to one of these crazy mf-ers who need the help. If I had a job, I'd be better off. I have no $ for food, transportation, or a social life. I have nothing. All I have is a duffel bag I took from my parents' place. Didn't bother to take pictures of them with me since I knew they'd write me out of their lives. I heard my "mother" talk to one of her friends. She said YOU think YOU have problems with you child, meet Michelle. She has never tried to interact with me or love me. And another of her friends asked my older brother who's a special ed teacher that since he teaches retards, he should be able to help me. See? no support whatsoever from "family" and my "friends" took all my money, used me, abused and raped me, and left me on the street. I have a fucking reason I want to die. No amount of shoulder petting and bs saying it'll be fine would EVER help. Having depression over losing a job is one thing. Medical is it's own minefield.

  • @kat_15 in short your speech saying that you have to be there for your lonely and depressed friends so they wont even try to think suicide themselves. Nice shot girls and good explanations.

  • @blue Glad to hear that 🙂

  • @humanbean89

    • meant than presume*

  • @humanbean89 No, it doesn’t help the pain go away. You lose all the opportunities of ever making your life better if you kill yourself. No, you are not useless, you are an awesome, great person. No, you are not mentally ill. You’re way smarter than you think. And yes, I understand that just saying random quotes aren’t going to help you at all, because I’ve been through the same. But you have to realize that there is definitely someone out there that loves you in this world ❤❤❤

  • @gabriel-the-juggler Anytime ❤♥

  • @g-a That’s not at all what I’m saying. Yes, it does have to do somewhat with the people that you are around, but it also matters mainly on your mindset. The way that you think plays a big role in this. We’ve all been through a lot. We all have a story, but this doesn’t mean that we suicide because of something that happened to us.

  • @kat_15

    well they're taking too damn long to show up. I've been waiting my whole life, and nobody fits that bill, unless they're a stalker hiding from me and secretly in love with me...and why didn't I get love as a child when my brothers did? was it because I'm not her biological kid? Why have I still not found a job. Why do most people tell me to grow up that mental illness is as fake as celebrities boobs? I could go on and on...

  • @humanbean89

    Why did god put you down on earth? Because he knew that you have a good soul and will be blessed. Why would god ever put people down here for no reason? Think about all the people that could be here today, right now. But, it’s you. People lose their kids right when they’re born. But you still lived.

  • @humanbean89 oh, i feel ya about the rejected application and i am sorry to hear that. But you know, after i got around 26 official rejection letter from well-known companies, almost 309 all of my application to companies was unknown and i think it was rejected, around 65 times attended the job interview, i never thought to end up my life. You know, somehow we dont get what we want but we get what we need. So, just accept all of rejection and move on. Everycloud has a silver lining. Just dont give up and be strong.
    About your ungrateful life, seriously i dont want to cheer you up because all you need right now is not "good and beautiful words", you need friends. I ever had in such situations, i know what you feel and i understand. I am sorry to hear that. I dont want to offend you more with my words but allow me to say i wish you have a speedy recovery. It does not mean when you have a bad life in your past life, you will be a bad person in a future. Life is on your hand, just embrace yourself, be strong and move on. You will be mature enough to face the world after all of your terrible stories be your good learning 🙂

  • @g-a Lol okay good


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