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  • It depends on the person, like some people can pull off long hair, but not short hair, and others can pull off shirt hair and not long hair. Honestly, you can probably do both.

  • @cherry01_ see thats a hard question because every hair is different and so is every face.
    Personally, I loved having short hair. It framed my face and it just worked. With short hair also, there is less to wash and you dont spend as long in the shower.
    But, if you have curly hair, you have to be careful with how short you go. Curls poof. And the shorter your hair is, the poofier it gets.
    So you can still cut your hair if it is wavy or curly, but be careful of length and also, how willing are you to fix it every day?

    Now if you have short hair, go for it. I am all for trying new things. And if you dont like it, then hope your hair grows fast :p

  • It depends on the person I think.

  • For me, i like short hair, its more easy to maintain and comfortable. usually i like to keep my hair buzzed or shaved. but sometimes its socially not acceptable.
    totally its up to you.