This will probably be the last one I'll post of these for a while. It's called "Circles"

  • Freedom Writers

    You've been introduced,
    into a, new world that,
    will cause amazement, and thrills.

    These are my circles,
    of friendship and love,
    once you've entered the circle,
    you'll see what's inside.
    It'll enter you deep but,
    you will want to stay within.
    These circles can grow and engulf you,
    you will feel the warmth on your soul,
    it's an incredible place.
    You will only feel safe.

    The spaces outside tend to,
    terrify and you,
    may leave but you will be,
    welcomed back into,
    the circle of trust.
    Know you will always be,
    welcomed in,
    I've given you the key to be,
    a huge part inside of me.
    Forever you will see.

    I've putten love and romance into,
    the same category,
    I've given a taste of what that could be,
    what that would have been,
    but then those circles decided,
    to change into something better,
    friendship and family.
    They engulf us fully.

    I'll tell you whatever,
    information you need,
    when it's regarding,
    the emotions that lie,
    inside of me.
    I'll be your open book, for you to,
    read at your leisure, take your time,
    It'll only cause those circles to,
    strengthen to what they've always meant to.

    In return I'm always here to,
    take you by my side for,
    comfort and just someone,
    who will listen to anything,
    you have to say,
    there ain't no way that,
    you will have to,
    think you'll need to stray.
    Judgement there will never be.

    Just so you know that,
    it's always alright,
    if you need to,
    cry all night,
    I will be by your side.
    Time and time again.

    The world will have it's tendrils,
    pulling you from place to place.
    The circles will always,
    be a safe place,
    of emotions and feelings,
    expressed in any way.

    Whatever is needed,
    from me at the time,
    the circles can change,
    and let you inside,
    but they will always have you.
    The circles have always wanted you.

  • @us-poet that was so beautifull
    Your poems really brighten my day, thank you 😄

  • @ninni why thank you so much. I really like that I can do that for you.

  • @us-poet You’re just simply awesome 👏🏻