• Freedom Writers

    I find you in my dreams.
    Inside the seams,
    of my mind,
    were I find,
    myself awake at night,
    just to get another sight,
    of you,
    to get me through,
    the day,
    were I can play,
    around with another,
    idea of what we mean to each other.

    Sitting on a cloud,
    were I am so proud,
    I can have you,
    to inspire me to get through,
    another day,
    another dream,
    another time,
    another place.

    I find myself dancing more,
    for no reason at all.
    I feel like I could never fall.
    The dance keeps going,
    as the song keeps flowing,
    and the rhythm keeps me into,
    all the things that I've wanted.

    Your happiness is my only concern,
    it's what I yearn,
    to achieve on a daily basis.
    Keeping your mind of the different races,
    of thoughts that you have,
    that are distracting you,
    from the beauty in your life,
    and I'm here to remind you,
    that the most beautiful thing around is you.

    That includes your mind,
    your body,
    your soul,
    your personality.
    It's everything you ought to be.
    I know you have problems seeing how pretty you really are,
    and I think apart of that is,
    you didn't have someone in your life for a long time,
    to tell you the truth,
    that you're whole life you've looked majestic.

    If I could go back in time,
    I'd make sure that I could find,
    you wherever you are,
    and tell you every day,
    in every way,
    how special you truly are.
    Remind you how gorgeous you look,
    even though I know it makes you uncomfortable,
    the truth can do that at times,
    but I'd help you face it until the words chime,
    into you, and you've accepted that you're amazing,
    inside and out.

    Before I am done,
    I just want you to know that if I only had one wish,
    and only one,
    I'd wish we could stay the same for each other,
    and never change.
    You mean a lot to me and I've written so much,
    but in the end I'll never have enough words to express,
    how many ways you truly mean to me.
    It's not often you find the perfect end,
    but for now I'll settle for just sending you some love.

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