• OK IK I don't ever make a blog/forum post, but I decided to write a little something, for FRIENDSHIP DAY! So in Honour of FRIENDSHIP DAY! This mostly Sincerly is dedicated to @LovekyQuuen17, @Cgriffey , @Moanabell @Course(which IDK If she is with us anymore), and @Acoffee ... And @Diana from Ablo...

    For all my Best friends, my good friends, in general friends Or For all those who will become my future friends!

    So without further ado here is:&

    My Friendship Day Poem:

    Come on friend let's chat a while,
    You know u can Let it out like the nile,
    Come in,let's laugh and make you smile,
    Release all that tension and stress,
    Just Come in take a rest,
    Let us take the journey of life and ride,
    Cos I need is you by my side,
    I trust you with all my being,
    Evertime u are weeping,
    I cnt believe what I'm seeing,
    The world Tells me,
    Tat cash and fame is most important,
    But you are my reward,
    As this is more preciou than gold,
    Don't you understand?
    Good Friends are rare to find,
    Yes its True, Can't believe your so kind,
    IK I'm difficult to deal with,
    But I never want this to get stiff,
    So please Let Us stick Together,
    Ergo please say its forever.

    Yes That's how I feel about all my good friends. Hope you all have a very good day. So GOD BLESS YOU ALL! HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!

    P.S. Sorry its late I WAS BANNED FOR THE SITE KW 2 DAYS!! And been working on it like all day! BTW Yes I did use a bit of Google's help.

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