• Freedom Writers

    Here we are.
    One being,
    where we're never growing apart,
    at the hands of the blues,
    because we're great together.
    All of me is staying for love.
    We can go along as we make our own song.
    Having our ups and downs as we make it out.
    We'll be, just so alright.
    We'll make it, you're my light.
    You shine ahead when I get down.
    You show me the way when I'm not able.
    I can see how I was able to hurt you,
    but I'm here to make sure I enable,
    you to open up when we need too.
    Our flame will burn just so bright.
    I know we can make it,
    to brand new heights,
    that will let us touch the stars, the sky, the moon.
    Nothing can tear us, a-a-a-apart.
    it just makes that bo-o-ond,
    so much str-o-o-onger.
    It's what we a-a-are,
    two souls as one whole being.
    Happiness in us.

    Unity is what,
    has always allowed us to,
    be as intense as we can be, not letting the downs get in the way.
    Our love is a future,
    that just needs to bloom,
    sometimes there is just some pruning, and I'll be the one with the shears.
    Life's test tend to make you think we're unable,
    to continue down the paths that have unfolded.
    You make me feel like we're living in a fable.
    But those dark tales are happy after being scolded.
    We have so much in common that you,
    just mean so much to me that you have,
    all of my life,
    all of my thoughts,
    all of my body.
    We are a being,
    of e-mo-o-tion,
    of he-art-a-ache,
    of gr-ea-at-ness.
    The bonds will strengthen.
    You and I can be,
    stronger than before.
    Just reach out and see.
    I'll pick you up when you're down.
    Together we can be,
    complete and whole again.
    You'll see for yourself.
    Thanks for just being you.
    There'll be more tests ahead,
    but we'll make it through,
    all I'll need is you.

  • this is v love

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