2018 Travel!!! Thailand, here I come!

  • A whole new year! That means, new set of countries to travel! For this year, I’ll be having my travel to Asia! I need to discover some majestic attractions the continent is so proud of! First in the list is Thailand. This country is tagged as “Tropical Paradise” so I need to know what’s in the country and the lavish of its tourist destinations.

    Man! I want to take pictures with those beautiful temples they have, also do scuba diving in the deeps of the Thailand seas. Especially with those alluring beaches in Phuket, Thailand. The many islands where I can do snorkeling and sea adventures.

    My friends who have been to asia told me visiting Thailand will give you a taste of a very historical influence. Man, this is exciting! And of course, my stay won’t be a perfect one if I won’t have dates with me there, what do you think about Bangkok women? Are they really beautiful? They say these foreign women are sexy and attractive. Who have tried dating one? Thanks y’all! Just here for sharing and hoping to receive some suggestions regarding my stay in Thailand. Ciao!

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