Well, this may or may not be based on some personal experience.

  • A beautiful tragedy they call me,
    And I accept it with all my modesty,
    Thinking t's just another day, another knock at the door,
    And now I doubt if my nerves can take it any more.
    You cry my pain a thousand rivers,
    Write me a million words
    Take away all my tears
    Only for me to remember you from broken frames and in those midnight blurs.
    You play with my mind, thinking it's my heart
    It stopped working long ago, sweetheart.
    Feed my brain all those stupid lies,
    And then announce on the streets,
    "Look at that fucker, she cries."
    Oh, how you've healed me,
    My tears have stopped, yes
    But I stand here in the pool of blood, being your "prettiest mess",
    Oh, how well you've helped me.
    This morning air so calm and fresh,
    And I'm losing myself into it,
    I'm your "asshole under this flesh"
    You could have better stabbed me bit by bit.
    I never knew Devil has green eyes,
    And that he too, lies.
    You then, shout and scream and shout and run,
    Trust me, all I hear is "I don't care. You don't matter to me, run run run".
    So many laughs and kisses stuck in my head
    So I hit it hard, smack it hard,
    To realise it's made of lead.
    Love is dimensionless they say,
    Why didn't they tell me that about hate?
    Laughing with blood shot eyes as I lay
    I often think, did I tell you about myself too late?

  • im a reader but never really a writer, unless you will count the papers ive passed in school. this is really good. :)

  • @khai Hahaha, I will count the papers you've passed :P
    Thank you so much, it really means a lot.

  • This one is really good.Maybe you can text @US-poet he has a lot of nice poems too :)

  • @sup Thank you so much, I appreciate your words.
    Sure, I'll just get to him, thanks.

  • @girlwhois16
    I really enjoyed that. I too have written bad experiences into poetry to help me get my thoughts straight. I'm sorry you had to go through something like that, but sometimes that makes the best art. Thank you for sharing.

  • @us-poet Thank you. So much. Because of readers like you, I feel proud to have shared this piece of my heart. And thanks for he support too. I am trying to grow out of it and yes, art really does help me.

  • @girlwhois16 I'm so glad I could do that for you. I wish nothing but love and happiness for your future experiences and hope the lows don't get too bad.

  • @girlwhois17 will i need to real all of it

  • @girlwhois18 Somewhat dark....

  • thats amazing