Tell me something which I don't know

  • Live a positive life and surprise yourself!
    Life can be unfair, cruel, sorrowful and such. But if you have a positive mind you will be flabbergasted. 😉

  • @GirlNextDoor ok wondeful!! wait ! what ?? Aren't you so stupid also ego cemtiric innit??? To post it, "tell me something which I do not know " ok lmao🤣🤣🤣🤣 and I thinking about it searching to make some sense to you post in all the aspects ., But I can'tmake any sense for myself in my bran
    . you should be next to nut house, u r la la in the head on la la la buble!! Oneone thing about your post , it's universal false!! If I am as you my post would be oh
    Ignorant child i I know all , so shut up and move on?ok hypothetically if Google goddess know all of it !! Your post wod be "(Tell me something which I nevermind head of ? but I know all!!") Now hearing is not knowing? Hearing something new, it's always first time, and u recognising it to you Brian . Now we both agree that , thing which we don ot know, that means we do not know 🤣🤣🤣🤣u are not even close to knowing it , for get know all of it !! It's s process to know, need understanding about realising and analysing,, then you will understand to analyse the realisation thatz knowing so reach to knowing , shall know all

  • @Vaughn-Voyage r r u talking to me I guess ? Amy way
    whoo care too??

    Live a positive life and surpriseyourself!, Good for you live ii so ?it's your idea sir ji Keep all your bull to you and go away ! positive and negative do not exist for me, very much aware that both are as situation.. very conscious how to deal it for the rmoment ,also not to hurt my surroundings .. so life is alive I make it wonderful!
    This moment is surprise, and speechless!!! was wondering , in which domain you were thinking to write this reply assuming, for m about your idealogy of life ??

    for me about life, boyt my life is same as yourLife can be unfacruel, sorrowful and such. But if you have a positive mind you will be flabbergasted. 😉
    If you say so I agree!! Now life start form birth by breathe, and ends form death by breathe , it's same to all being l guess ??
    irest your choice ,did you understand to analyse ,the realisation??

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