Let's go talk about when will aliens going to abduct us.

  • I do believe in them. Are you?

  • First of all - grammar mistake - Do* you?
    Okay now to the big question: When will aliens abduct us if they even do exist?

    Lets first find aliens. Before that let's find any life at all. Astrophysicists have been doing that for some good time. No luck there :/
    Well then. Let's say we find life. This life form has to be evolved enough to actually be able to fly in space and even more evolved than us to be able to fly at amazing speeds. We've been on this planet for a good 200,000 years. We've been astronomically advancing for what? like 500 years? That's a 1/400 of the time. Civilization itself has only been around for 6000 years. Let that sink in. Now think about the aliens - we have to find them in this 1 in 400 time period. That would be the time when the aliens are as advanced as we are and they need to be more advanced than us but we're not going to count that in. Anyway let's say we do that. There are ~4 possibilities that could happen that Neil deGrasse Tyson has mentioned. First one is that they will invade us and start killing us. Second one is that they have a good will and won't kill us. Third one is that they already are around us. Fourth one is that they came when there was a ComiCon and no one recognized them ;)
    Anyway the possibility that they will abduct is is 1/400 * 1/4 so that makes 1/1600 of them killing us only AFTER we find them or they find us.
    I think its pretty inprobable that they will abduct us.

  • It's scary to think it just us out here and I find it hard to believe that. There Is a theory that states possibly aliens know that we exist but we are yet to know how to understand their messages. Who knows.Hell what if they are waiting for us to mature before they contact usagain. Even the US military as seen some crazy shit and they of all people don't know. It's Cool to think there are others living deep in the galaxy but remember,there are over 1000 planets with earth like conditions. And if they want to abduct us, were clearly fucked or ready to take them on.

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