Hi -I no this is crazy ! But I lied to my boyfriend about my age,

  • I lied to my boyfriend about my age, silly I no but I never taught we would end up together and soon to marry. I'm 34 and he's 30 - I no age is notthing . But the shame of my lie , is getting to me . I can't and refuse to own up to the trust -

    Sonny question is how the hell can I hide my age - any ideas on ways to avoid the truth . 😫😫

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  • How have you kept up the ruse so far? And for how long? And why did you lie about your age to begin with? I just want to understand cause this is s difficult task and it seems cool to undertake. For starters in my inexperienced opinion think of situations where it would come up and avoid them. Be more independent, keep him away from your friends and family. Value compartmentalizing aspects of your life. Be like you don't want to mix work and home. Be mysterious. Let him know you like privacy and keep government documents to yourself. There's nothing wrong with privacy and mystery. So treat it like that. Mystery about your past like years you graduated, went to prom, had your sweet 16... Be in the present. Have it be many many years from now when he's like you never told me about your hs sweetheart! Watch mystery shows. Read mystery books. Separation is healthy. If you ever have to leave him it will be easy then. So keep mystery, your documents, your friends, your work your parents away from him as much as possible. Especially around times of your birthday. Don't let your friends post stuff without showing you. Say they don't know how old you are if he sees your birthday cake picture.

  • my mother used to tell me whats done in the dark comes to the light. although its really no biggie that youre four yrs older than him eventually itll come out. not matter what the pains that you take to cover. sacarfice youre vainty and tell him the truth