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    This is a repost. The last one didn't do so well lmao. If anyone has opinions, I'm glad to hear them. I don't know how I feel myself.

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    @theblackgoddess I can't find it in myself to be angry at him. There is forgiveness as long as this can be a learning experience for him. He's young, he's gonna make mistakes. What he did was horrible, but it all depends on what he does in the future.

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    Personally, I don't know what to say.. I got mixed thoughts.
    But damn, Logan definitely seemed to have some clouded judgement. Sure, maybe you can talk about it, Logan, but damn.. it's pretty messed up to show some sort of 'live reaction' as if this is a TV show.

    I don't know much about the Pauls, and I don't care about 'em. To me, they've kinda' been taking over YT in a manner that has been quite annoying throughout the past year. However, I thought Logan was the more 'mature' of the two brothers.. at least it seemed that way. To some extent, I suppose I was wrong about that.

    Perhaps it was just the shock that struck him/ the heat of the moment that clouded his better judgement when it comes to releasing such footage to all his viewers? Other than that, this was a pretty disgusting way to kick off 2018... especially if his true intentions were of seeking attention.

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    @korglife17 In the past, Logan has done some pretty amazing things, and a lot of people think he's idiotic and annoying, but he has such a big following for a reason. I'm not defending what he did by an means, but I definitely don't find him to be a bad guy. All celebrities have fallen short. Shit happens.

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    I knew as a primary schooler to respect the dead. No excuses, should never have happened.

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    It's been a few days, and he still hasn't posted another video. I think he is wise for taking a break from videos and social media. I don't think he wants attention, and he has been nothing but respectful so far.

  • Legit just tracked down a chatroom to argue this topic. I am absolutely the last person to defend any type of support for suicide or mental setbacks. However, as someone who is very familiar with such issues, I believe there is a closer connection to Logan Paul being a naive 22 year old guy who didn't bother to think things through than to him being anywhere near associated with pro suicide or for making a joke of mental illness/ pain to the point of self harm related ideas or thoughts. I have next to zero idea who Logan Paul even is. However, after the back lash and contradictory publicity he has recieved, I believe this should be chalked up to human error. Despite the ignorant decision to not think prior to posting. His argument against parents allowing their kids to view such videos i also think is crap. In the end Logan Paul Is no more to blame than his viewers as it is his young or old subscribers that made his voice even heard. most 22 year olds say and do stupid shit. It is the publicity of Logan Pauls actions that set him appart.

  • He literally filmed a body up close,barely censored it. Then preceded to joke about it. What an idiot and with his young fan base. He messed up big time.

  • yeah logan paul is an entitled egotistical twaat. not just cause of the dead body but because of the entire vlog in japan and all his other dumbass disrespectful actions

  • @sahara-cuevas "entitled egotistical twaat" very creative :D

  • @sahara-cuevas I watched a few clips and he was constantly violating their sacred culture especially during their celebrations. The Sucide Forest was just too far and I hate how people try to defend him.He isn’t the first YouTuber to go there but he thought he could use his fame.