What am I missing out on in life if I don't have a girlfriend? :)

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    Having spent a bulk of my undergrad life single, and always wondering what I was missing, and then having a few girlfriends later in life, I guess I could answer this question pretty well.

    For starters, a LOT depends on how your chemistry is with that girl. I've had relationships where we clicked totally, and some where it wasn't the perfect match right from the start.

    But basically, what you miss out the most is - someone there for you who wants to kiss, cuddle, and be with you. Someone whom you can share stuff openly (usually) and really not care too much about what she thinks about it, because, well, she's your girlfriend and she likes you for who you are.

    You also miss out on that occasional pride you feel, if you know your girlfriend is "wanted" and that you have her, of all the people.

    You feel much more confident about yourself. You don't care too much about what other people think.

    You get to have sex maybe, which is pretty awesome. When you see porn, you're like, "Yeah I've done that shit!"

    You learn a lot. About yourself. About relationships. About people. You mature.

    But for all the things you get, there are some things you miss out on. Unless you're with the girl of your dreams and you plan on marrying her and having kids with her and dying with her, occasionally, you'll wonder if you missed out on that other girl you liked, but never got a chance to talk to much, or this new girl you met in class briefly and you clicked instantly, but who backed off when she saw you had a girlfriend.

    And then there are some headaches. If you open up so much, you're vulnerable. Jealousy, if she's interested in someone else, anger, if she stops caring, irritation, if she's too clingy, frustration, if you want to get away but you can't...

    I guess what I want to say is, if she's the right girl, you'll have an amazing time. If she's not, it's best to not get into it, or end it quickly, to make it less painful for both of you.