If your life was made into a movie, what would it be named and what would the short summary be?

  • Music Lovers

    Go for it, I’m not very creative so I’ll think of it and post my answer later :)))

  • @willoww "Judgemental"will be the movie name
    Cuz no matter it's me or someone else doing something. I always question and try to go back to find the route cause and further to find the ultimate answer of what I or we do and why we do that ... So I'm pretty judgemental

  • @willoww Sad life
    Its about a girl who gets bulled everyday and forgot who she truly was so she has to act like someone else

  • It would be called 'Korg: Ragnarok'.

    Basically it's the movie 'Thor: Ragnarok' but from the perspective of me, Korg.
    It'd be awesome, there's this epic revolution plot and everythin' ...lots of action, drama, and (definitely) comedy.

    Sshhh, don't tell anyone, though. It's actually in development (I think?)

  • Gamers

    The Unknown.... A young boy creates powerful shields around himself. Challenges are presented, crushes yearned for, creations conjured and left to drift into the cloudy plains of forgotten memories. Until one day he meets someone for which he wants to be truly known, to find the shields are rusted in place.

  • Title: The Fallen

    It would be about an arrogant fool who used to considers himself to be superior to others and thus, lacking empathy and humbleness. By losing everything including his intelligence to popularity, he realizes the harshness of reality. The story would follow him struggling to recover from his and trying to create an identity for himself and thus, in spite of his fall, achieve greatness.