Name 3 months you love, and 3 months you hate.

    1. December - I love winter, holidays, and 2 week vacation.
    2. October - Halloween, autumn is my favorite season, starbuck.
    3. April - Idk.

    1. August - No holidays, too hot, literally boring.
    2. January - Too fucking cold, allergies, depressing.
    3. March - Boring also.

    1. April : birthday month
    2. October: the light at dusk is so pleasing, The weather, the different coloured leaves etc....
    3. July: where it stays light out until nearly 9pm and you can walk outside in a crop shirt at night.

    3 months I hate:
    August: theres a crushing defeat that summer is pretty over that always gets to me
    February: it's still bitter cold, long af and it feels like you'll never see the light again.
    November :the leaves are gone, the days are really getting short and much of the time there is no snow to brighten things up.

  • I hate the summer months, but love winter months.