Planning to join Cebu Singles Tour

  • While browsing through AFA’s site, I saw the tour schedule for Cebu, Philippines in January.

    This could be my chance to meet a woman whom I can date.

    I have been widowed for 5 years. I miss the care of a wife. This is why I delved into matchmaking sites.

    I know this is a once in a lifetime opportunity one should think and decide about.

    I also heard that Philippines is a beautiful country. They say it’s a home to many beautiful attractions.

    They say it’s a home to a lot of gorgeous and hospitable women.

    Man, this is getting so exciting! What should I do next?

    I’m done with registering to the site. I just keep myself updated to any details and information regarding the tour.

    I want to know your side about this. Will this be worth it? Do you think I should join?

    Do you think this is a smart move?