• I’ve been dating Mei since we’ve met through a singles tour held by A Foreign Affair in Shenzhen, China.

    It’s been a month now since then and we’ve continued to correspond and has definitely gotten to know each other better.

    My parents have started to ask me about being married and finding someone to date and

    I don’t want anyone else other than Mei… so, I want to let them know about her.

    My parents don't really know about the trip I had and clearly have no clue that I’m in a long distance relationship with Mei.

    I am not really embarrassed, I am rather concerned of how they’d react.

    I don’t want them to judge my girlfriend or our relationship and I want them to take it as something positive.

    But, I’m not really good with confessions… how do I let my parents know in a way that it would be easy for them to accept?

    Mind you, my family is Christian and my dad is a pastor…

    I also worry how they would react when they find out that Mei is of different religion.

    I know my parents are good people, they are loving and they care about me and my siblings…

    so I can accept if they have some concerns, but they can also be very protective and

    I don’t want them to not like the idea of me being with Mei. I could really use some advice on how

    I should let them know… please, HELP!