Ending our long distance relationship

  • Last year, I joined AFA’s romance tour in the Philippines. I enjoyed the attractions, food, and even the hospitality of the people.
    But most of all, this tour was the main reason I met Jolina, my girlfriend.
    Jolina is a very loving, sophisticated, and kind. I met her during the tour’s social night.

    After that, I asked her out and we decided to be exclusive.

    I visited her every two months in the Philippines.
    We get along together. We are a perfect match. I am so sure about that. I’ve also met her family already.

    Again, the hospitality is always present in the Filipino culture.
    We’ve been in a long distance relationship for a year. At first, it was fine but in the long run it became difficult.
    I want to see her all the time. I want to be with her already!

    I want to marry her ASAP!

    Long distance kills me. So I’m planning to propose to her on my next visit.
    I don’t care if it will cost much to me, my purpose is to marry her.

    I know y’all knows what it feels to be in a long distance relationship.
    So do you think it’s time already to propose to her?

    What advices would you want to give me regarding the state we’re in today?
    Your responses are very much appreciated.

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    Just be prepared for both answers! Even a yes will have its complications... Does one of you have to move? Maybe it will be you, maybe it will be her? Be ready to make the same commitment you would ask of her, and go for it