MY poem about the feelings of teenagers :)

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    hey all :) ...
    so i wrote a poem when i was around 14 about THE FEELINGS OF A TEEN.. to express the feelings and pov of a teen...
    so i planned on sharing my that poem with u all.. hope u will like it :)


    lying on bed feeling alone
    thinking about in heart a hole
    the cure is still there
    but its rare
    having a life that never betrayed me
    motivated me to move on
    lying on bed feeling alone...

    Deep in the sea of imagination , drifting alone
    living in my own world is supporting me
    but take me away from actual world's reality
    everyone says they understand, but no one really understand me a teenager
    no care about what's my eager
    they always find faults in us and tell us to work hard
    but how i have to manage these all and calling retard
    no one really knows even those who passed this stage of life
    and are still alive..

    lying on bed thinking alone
    fainted in sky roaming alone
    getting the hard is still good for me
    cuz having a life that never betrayed me
    and motivated me to move on
    lying on bed feeling alone...

    willingness is the illness of your own
    maturity seeds are sown
    let's see the harvest of our own
    lying on bed sing alone
    i'm the idol of my own alone
    no one knows how much i am good at other things
    even they're not interested in knowing about this
    study is everything they said maybe its true
    but it actually matters who are you...

    lonelyness is normal and it ok
    distraction is age factor ,so do attraction
    but you can be the winner
    only if you overcome this fever
    they always wants the good for us
    so don't think they're harsh towards us

    but what about the inner peace, maybe its gone
    the cure is to cure yourself not all alone
    don't hide in dark alone
    lying on bed feeling alone
    so , writing this poem to express my feelings to you all alone....

                                                                         -*Ruth* (me)

  • “To know nothing about yourself is to live.
    To know yourself badly is to think.”
    ― Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet

  • @WaterBearerMJ well said ::)