Is friendship really worth it?...if you think so make sure to find friends you trust

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    I have been thinking about it but i realized i was naive thinking friends fix everything...i guess they will leave you in the toughest moments of your life☺️

  • 'Friends fix everything', why should they in the first place? Just because someone is a friend, doesn't mean it's their responsibility to fix someone's else problems, also they must be dealing with tough times too,like you are. Should they deal with their own problems or should go around helping others first? A friend may give you a suggestion on how to fix a problem, but the actual dealing, you have to do that, because it's your life and you can't expect someone else to take responsibility for it. About leaving you in your toughest times, hmm that's interesting, and yeah that's definitely bad of them. Why did they leave you tho?

  • @devilmoon sire i dont mean it that way😊✌️
    I mean it as "friends fix everything cus they make you feel happy" and i would rather not tell it here i dont wanna hurt the person

  • And i am always putting my friends first i help them get through tough times and talk to them so it does hurt that they did that☺️

  • @나는_죽었다 You are putting your friends first, and that's nice of you, but does that mean you expect the other person to do the same? you sure are giving them priority, but that's something you are doing by your own will, not like anyone's forcing you to do that. Maybe they are dealing with issues they can't get over with. such as losing someone close or an accident? I am not defending those people who hurt you or making a pre-assumption about them, but more of saying this as a general statement. Sometimes talking with friends isn't enough to get you through trauma. I don't know what happened between you and them, so can't comment much on that, but I do hope you get over it

  • @나는_죽었다 well it really depends on the
    friends you make.. Especially now, times are different and less trustworthy and loyal ppl are around

  • Friends are something that an average person needs. Humans are just made that way. But I think it's not correct to think that friends can fix everything, as well as that friends will stay in your life forever. Throughout life you will meet dozens of people and make many friends. But only one or two out of hundreds will be something you may call a "real friend". That's if you are lucky enough to meed someone with similar mindset and values that you have. People you call 'friends' will walk out of your life for different reasons (they may be insignificant or important) and will stay with you for different amounts of time. That's why I think that it's better if you put yourself/your life/feelings first most of the times when it comes to your friends. You can stay in a really good relationship with them even if you don't always put them first or give all of yourself into these relationships. Because each one of us have their own lifes to take care of. Those people who will want to stay with you and will understand you/love you - will stay. And those who don't - won't. Whatever you do for them. It depends on the mindset of the other party. Loving, helping, caring for your friends is great, but if you put them above other important things like yourself, then they will get used to it. And most people won't do the same for you or will try to use your love for their own emotional self-satisfaction. That's just how it is. So I think you just need to do everything in moderation and state values right in life.