Read this if your going through a heart break or any toxic relationships😇

  • A person broke your heart? So what...they dont deserve you anyway you are far way too beautiful and perfect to be with a heart breaker like him/her✨

    Someone used you? who cares...your just too smart, rich, popular, etc. So they wanted your perfection but they never will get your perfect self💗

    Your getting bullied? Hmm ofcourse you are... They are too jealous of you for being the most beautiful smartest being😘

    Your having family problems? They dont care... about whatever happens they will always love you no matter what🌟

    They framed you? Lol... frame them back revenge is best served cold i will definitely support you and help you⭐

    You have insecurities? Thats nice...your insecurities are the most attractive about you never be afraid to be yourself you will be perfect in my eyes no matter what❤️

  • Aww you have a big heart<3