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    Have y'all heard the song "If We Have Each Other" by Alec Benjamin? If you haven't, here's the song

    So yes, I was listening to it and my best friend is sort of going through a hard time right now and I decided to write a verse for her in the tune of this song. I originally planned to sing it for her on her birthday but it's too far away so I'm gonna sing this for her as soon as I get time. Anyway, I need some opinions about the lyrics and if you feel like I should change some words here and there then please let me know (the lyrics are perfectly set in the beat so don't worry about it not fitting right or something).

    I was, 15, when I knew you were the one
    You were always there for me when I thought there was no one.
    You always got me even when I didn’t get myself,
    Never tried to change me whenever I thought I lost myself

    And we, always didn’t get along
    and I’m thankful that we never let it get between our bond
    We set out our differences and saw all the good there was
    and learnt to never judge anyone just by their stray quotes

    And I wanted to,
    Let you know that I,
    Will stay by your side
    Just know,

    The world’s not perfect, but it’s not that bad
    If we have each other, and that’s all we have
    I will be what you need whenever you’re sad
    You should know I’ll be there for you
    When the world’s not perfect
    When the world’s not kind
    If we have each other, then we’ll both be fine
    I will be there for you, and I’ll hold your hand
    You should know I’ll be there for you

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    @arusha Woaah !! It's quite amazing since it has the emotions and the feelings you so deeply have.. I'm sure she/you is/are so privileged to have each others.. In today's era of brutality, things like this seem no less than a miracle.. Splendid Ms !!

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    @arusha girl u still posting here

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    @Charlish once in a blue moon lmao

  • @Arusha nice lyrics.for teenagers ...

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