• I failed my final year's midterm exams and i don't know how to tell my parents or what their reactions will be when they get to know this. They are actually paying a lot more than they can afford on my studies and i fell like dying because i never get such marks. This is my final year and hence it is very important and i feel like a failure, my dad doesn't even talk to me these days because of our bumpy relationship but after seeing these marks i feel like my parents will completely cut me off from their lives and by the way, my parents really care about my marks a lot .

  • Just say the truth and accept the results .

  • So my parents are splitting up and I’m very sad, what should I do…

  • @sadlife hii.. I really can understand what you going through bcz I too have been through this tho I haven't failed but was never able make my parents proud with my performance

  • @ella-k dont let this happen its you who can make them together
    if they really wanna then you just have to be a strong person and accept wats going on its just both of them should be happpy in order to keep you happy.

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