What special will a girl like to have in her date?? Girls please help me out

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  • The lack of a cellular device addiction. All too often individuals today are quick to pull out their mobile phone. They lack the social skills necessary to hold up a conversation without this form of distraction.

    The waiter has been missing for several seconds? Quick, pull out your phone. Going to a concert, but you HAVE to watch it through your device instead of living in the moment? Well that's just money wasted.

    No one cares about your less than professional recording of a concert. No one cares about the food you are about to eat. Most sadly, no one cares to be in the moment anymore..

    If you want to make something special for your date, I suggest leaving your phone in a safe location outside of your immediate grasp. Communicate with your date, show that this time is not wasted. Live in the moment. THAT is what will be special for a date these days.