feeling broken/empty? The gospel of Christ

  • If you need someone or something in your life, if you feel empty, broken, or left wanting more, try this chat! All friendly, Christians are very encouraged to join for fellowship, but anyone is welcome, no matter sexuality, gender, or age. We do love but may disagree with some things. We ask for your respect and ask that you be attentive to the gospel of Christ.

  • I find this zealous dogma very offensive and misplaced on a forum which not only is meant for everyone but also is populated by many people at a low ebb. This stinks, to me, having been through it in childhood courtesy of roman catholics, mormons and jehovah's witnesses, of the usual grooming and taking advantage of the vulnerable. If you feel you have dine such bad things you deserve to be punished, crucified, whatever, then fuck off and do it in private and ket the rest of us live our lives free from your guilt trips, indoctrination and exploitation. And before you wring your hands about how offensive i have been, remember that you are that offensive to me and it was you that brought it here


  • pfff whatever

  • Banned

    I get those feelings. And sometimes it helps to take up sports.

  • The gospel of Christ is simple. That we are all sinners (we've all lusted, lied, used God's name in vain) and are in need of atonement. Jesus Christ (God manifest in the flesh) lived a perfect life unlike us, and has died in our place so that we may be forgiven. Why did Jesus have to die? Because the wages of sin is death, and we all have sinned and deserve death. Nobody is perfect, but Jesus. Since Jesus died on the cross because of His great love for us, how can you accept His free gift, how can I be saved? It costs no money. Simply turn away from your sins by actively resisting the temptation of the flesh, be genuinely sorry, and ask forgiveness of your sins in prayer to God (repent), start a true relationship with God, get baptized if you can, and do good (not to be saved, but good works is only the evidence of faith), which is being born again. When you're born again, you're given a new spirit and a new heart, a new life (not physically, but a new identity which is in Christ). Once you've done all the above, spread this great news that we can be forgiven of our sins through Jesus Christ's death, using the 10 commandments to help show people they are guilty and are need of God's mercy.

  • God can heal your broken scars, but He may also use them for good.

    God loves you so much, but if you will not turn to the Savior Jesus, you will spend an eternity in hell. This is the scariest thing ever. Turn to Christ!!!

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