• Pepole of this earth, i want to speak truth to you,
    Many are paths of this world but only one path which is in this world but not of this world is truth, look at this world its is evil its dark its full of lies, are path of evil path of good? Are path of darkness path of Light? Are path of lies path of truth? No they are not and they cant be. So truth is not from this world, it is from above.
    Look at path of light it is truth it is pure with no evil and darkness from it, i tell you truth is only one its Jesus Christ Son of God who is from above, Jesus Christ said i am the only way truth and the life which is shown and proven to those who follow Jesus. Sinners are not for God , God ways are pure he is perfect, we are not pure and perfect our ways are many but one is truth, one way what is given to us is to made us image of God to made us for God thath way is Jesus Christ, God is sinless, sinners are not for God, God is just he brings justice where is injustice, he brings light into light and darkness and seprate evil from good, our sins were wall between us and God who is pure and perfect, Jesus Christ is son of God he is born of God he is from above , Jesus is sinless he is perfect he is image of his Father,Jesus was sent from God to this world to save this world and wash away all our sin and sins of world and tp gives us new life and connetion to our God, Jesus was sent on earth in flesh but he lived in spirit and gained glory by spirit of God, he was perfect sacrfice for our sins and sins of the whole world. And whoever belifes in Jesus Christ and live life by his word its not longer sinfull dead he who lives but Jesus Christ who lives in him, he is new born creation born of God, sins of thath man and women are forgiven by blood of son of God Jesus Christ he has open door to God our Father he has open door to his home which is in heaven. But whoever chose other paths what are not one and only true path Jesus Christ, he is dead man he lives in darkness and death for him there is no life, so we all need to take heart and step into life into light and truth Jesus Christ amen.