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    lol perfect!

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    Description of Jess : The slanderer, voyeur and interested, who does not know what she wants.

    To get a perfect picture, it's the friendly and pleasant woman who enters your home with an air of not touching it, in order to unlock your secrets to better denounce you to the taxman, your mother or your husband. It is the very type of the anonymous letter or secret revenge.

    It will be the woman who gives herself to the man her best friend wants, in order to make her moan and tell her that it is for her good. The very type of fake benevolent who peddles the craziest gossip about you. She's the bitch who wants to be taken for a Diva, who wants what she doesn't have, and doesn't want it anymore when she gets it.

    His mouth is deformed by the close stigmata of the word Money! Money ! That she demands, and fellatio that she performs, which gives her the expression of continuously yawning.

  • Referenced by  MasterTre MasterTre 

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