Just a reminder to stop and think if the thoughts you are having right now are helping you 😊

    If they are! PROPS TO YOU! ✨

    If they are not, think of a thought that can replace the negative thoughts and focus on that!

    For example: 'I can't do this, it's too much'
    Can become: 'Even if the entirety seems like too much, I can start with a small thing that I cán do and see from there how it goes'

    Another example: 'I am unlikable'
    Can become: 'First of all, what others think of me is not important and secondly, with all the good things I do for others they're crazy if they don't like me!' (except when you're cyber, than you're truly unlikable)

    Another example: 'I haven't accomplished enough'
    Can become: 'I may not have accomplished what others want of me, but I'm a good human being and that's already more than a lot of people in this world! And I may struggle with things, but I am going forward and that's something!'

    Smile on and stay positive!

    (p.s. I don't care if nobody gets anything from this, I got something from this and it's mostly a reminder to myself 😁)

  • I got it 😇

  • @Eucalyptus I always say that negative thoughts are useless.... This is why I always seem fairly happy and positive. Nice post!!!!

  • This post is deleted!

  • 'i havent accomplish enuff' this is so relateable. i know im very good in terms of academic nor sports, im just average. i feel like there so much stuff i havent learnt yet at the age of 18.. cooking,driving,basic computer skills.social skills, etc. also i feel like i need to learn as much as i can before 20 so i can survive adulthood.

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