• I'm interested, I've been here the longest I think!

  • @sky I think it makes sense to reward those users who r very active here and they should control other bad behavior, i think it is not about opinions it is about prevention of spam and abuse here, i think @TalkWithStranger understand that opinions and views can be different so that should not be issue, mods will be there 2 make this community better iguess

  • i could be cz i'm always standing in front of my pc ; but let's talk about the idea of making a moderator itself:
    i think u better set ppl free barely u find someone coming here to spam or whatever ,they come here to talk with strangers cz they're done with ppl outside and their rules , i mean just care to not make several rules that's all .

  • @sarah then it depends from rules they'll make

  • @sarah He sounds like one? lol idk although they were saying that you should be mod since you have the highest reputation.

  • Sure I'll moderate. I'll keep us all safe from the trolls and CHI-MOs or whatever. They're both the same.

  • @sarah
    To be "very" honest, I'm super new here, a bored person, a friend of mine recommended this site as a time-kill option, so I'm interested to see you being a mod under one term, "Test Period", The admins must let you be mod, watch you for a while, then decide whether to keep you or not (Nothing personal) I'm also like the idea of letting people add you based on how they reply to you... Its kind of "fancy" haha, anyways, I'm pretty excited to see you as a mod. I hope they do the right thing !

  • @sarah But I'm also new here and dont view posts too much, so it's understandable if I'm not picked.

  • I do @SybariumY

  • Gamers

    This guy would be gr8 @Veitak and @sarah

  • @jamjam exactly, im from europe (+1)

  • maybe have verification for talkwithstranger so atleast people know that the person felt comfortable enough to be verified so they would be less inclined to pretend to a child or wrong gender. I was a life guard and community mod in utherverse and the verification process helped aot with bogus accounts and underage people. Maybe have chat with strangers2 for under 18 and if you want to be in that chat you have verify your age. Just throwing darts u never know when one sticks.

  • I would like to become mod. I think it would be a great responsibility. So if possible, I would love to. I may on every day.

  • @sky kek

  • @sky Winter is the only emotional person out of all of us. None of us would ban out of not accepting an opinion.

  • @sky let's take that to the DM's. Didn't expose anyone to save myself, i exposed for the sake of letting people know who is doing the wrong thing.

  • @alwaysstranger kek was extremely nice to other people as well, but after being his friend I saw that he lied quite often and would try to expose people for having a different opinion. He once used someone's phone number to track them down on social media to just torment them and "expose" what they look like.

  • @alwaysstranger It's Funny how he changed his pic after kek started to receive hate and became infamous, I mean if I made a troll account and it unexpectedly became popular, I'd wipe my tracks, wouldn't you?

  • Banned

    Hello, im from United States, but i live in germany (+1:00)
    im 21 and my name is gladys
    i just feel like most people dont respect others and i wanna keep the site clean
    this site is addicting so im gonna be here all day 😛
    thank u 😄

  • why was @WaterBear banned?

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