• Dear My 2021

    I'd like to thank you, for everything that has happened to me, for every blessings that i never counted, for the presence of this girl (Judy) whom i never gave up with, for these secure financial things even if we are dealing with Covid 19 situations and many more that i can not list.

    I promised to you 2021, that i will be a better person from previous years, to set the goals that i shall value every moves, decisions, learnings, lessons, etc from you. However, the thing i never expected and it still happened, you gave me the best year to spend, a great time to rejoice this year with all of fellas as well as the best gift ever, Judy, for whoever she is now.

    So, please 2022 that will be happening in the next 26 days, just be kind, be gentle and be wise. Please, give me a shining year, to achieve and accomplish some of responsibilities in here and there along with another brighter future career and many blessings that i wish, i deserve it. Sooner or later, i want to have it with open arms. However, for you as 2021, you will be the greatest notes that i will never forget the lessons that you gave to me.

    May the next 2022 become a better year for any single human to have their own path journey.

    Happy Weekend!