• Let's say you're sailing into the open sea on a boat that is clearly sinking. Let's give this boat a name, something like 'Unstoppable'. Additionally sailor is completely aware of his situation. It's clearly his wish to reach that final destination on his journey. How would you feel if somebody came out of nowhere, forcefully pulled you out and draged you onto solid ground. What's your take on that? Why feeling in a certain way is treated like crime.

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  • @Voltamorte I would feel nothing I would say bring it on mate !! rest I see after a break.

  • @knownsense It's good to have you around :relaxed:

  • @kaia_ thanks cheers

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    @Voltamorte Here's a story of a chunky man whose will was to take his own life in the famous Japanese Aokigahara suicide forest but all his approaches to it was a flop. First, he tried to hang himself with aid of the tree branches but most where he was were so attenuated to support his heavy weight, so next decision was to cut himself so he could pass out from over bleeding🤣🤣🤣. Unfortunately, it was too cold and when he cut his wrists, of course there was a decrease in blood circulation which couldn't allow him over bleed even from such unsightly cut and so he became weaker and fainted after some time only to be saved from some of the bypassers cruzing through the forest. In the hospital, when he asked why they saved his life, one doctor told him how they don't give too much $#[email protected]&##### about his life and that the pipo just wanted him know how important life is and that's my main point. You shouldn't ignore it even at the peak of archieving sth that'll change your life for better and the sailor just seems to take no notice of that.

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