• "..but when I think of her.. of Elisa,
    the only thing that comes to mind is a poem,
    whispered by someone in love hundreds of years ago.."

    "Unable to perceive the shape of you, I find you all around me.
    Your presence fills my eyes with your love,
    It humbles my heart, for you are everywhere." - Jalal al-Din Rumi

    Excerpt from a film of the same name. I just love that poem.

  • @Bye-Butterfly if you know rumi may be you know about kaleel jibran and hafiz Persian poets, if not its worth giving a try I guess?? or not check it out if you have a time..

  • @knownsense Omg yes!! I know who Kahlil Gibran is. I used to have this academic book in English back in Highschool that has his mystical poem entitled "About Work". I fell in love with it so much that I had to memorize all of it! In fact I can recite it to you right now hahaha! As for the latter, I'm unfamiliar. I also love the "Desiderata by Max Ehrmann." And hey! I'm glad to know someone who knows my favorite poet ❤️

  • @Bye-Butterfly wonderful ! I am very glad you know about it,many people don't know about them and I read those poems long time ago I cannot recite to you. Keep it up bravo

  • This post is deleted!

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