Women, Have you ever wanted to ask a man a question and were too scared? I'm here to give you the answers.

  • @OPTHP how wonderful innit?? By the way who are you?? Question was not for you and you act like his minion and giving a absurd answer to me. first of all I didn't abuse here I just want to clear my head why is and for what joy question is in gender base instead to be open to all gender, is that wrong I ask?? Also i give my view and wanted a reply which make sense to me but it did not make any sense to my brain what he answered yeah.. you are being little weired about my question yeah, first of all I didn't ask you the question and it is not your post, and assume and try to argue instead having a conversation its really wonderful he want women to ask question so I thought he mightbe Lord of panty sorry women, or psychic.. by the way I did assume nothing I accept without likes and dislikes..
    One more thing I am not in any social like face book Twitter ot Instagram yeah your and being jurgemtal now dearie so don't asse and open your mouth that you know all please check and or ask clear your mind then speak OK...one last question to you what is the full of your chat name opthp I would like to know if ypu make afford to write back to me I appreciate it thanks mate cheers and why like this ??


  • @ㅤㅤㅤ so ?? What. It's not a abusive word isn't it ?? It's OK now dearie

  • @ㅤㅤㅤ OK cool how wonderful thanks

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